Tears of the Moosechaser

Tears of the Moosechaser is not my normal cup of tea. It feels more like a swig of Absinthe. It can transport you into turn of the century hallucinations. The funny thing is that parts of Songs for a Sinister Woman would seriously creep me out if I were to listen to them in the dark but other songs feel as comfortable as the warm embrace of a knitted afghan my grandmother made me.

Alder Bloom - American Pancake

"...Their sound is indeed predicated on fusion, since it is an amalgamation of different genres and subgenres, as well as styles and techniques. Each song has its own mood, just as each song evokes its own imagery, like old Depression era photographs of dust bowl shack towns and filthy-faced folk, piles of animal bones in the dirt, Johnson family vagabonds hopping the unlocked freights out of small desert towns for large metropolises, burlesque houses and old-time harlots lounging on dusty sofas, drunkards stumbling down dark alleyways in the post-midnight hours, love stories, tragedies, rustic scenery, the seemingly endless stretches of highway and blurry miles to the weary traveler, and so on in that way. Also, it is highly texturized music, at once both savage and refined, mad and sane, bitter and sweet, ugly and beautiful, dark and light, rural and urban, and old-timey and modern, among a good many other contraries. But above all it is a fusion of wood and rusty metal. Wood and rusty metal."

- James Carlson - Roots Music Examiner

"I suppose if Tom Waits wasn't born in California but rather underneath a moonshine still in Kentucky then you'd have Tears Of The Moosechaser ... "A Lonesome Fog" screeches and scrapes with a mix of country, avant-garde, and bluegrass to create a sound I can't say I've ever heard before. It's exciting, creepy, inquisitive and original. All the while wrapping itself around a Western filled with spurs, dust, tumble weed and whiskey."

- Brad Tilbe - Delusions of Adequacy

"Hey, Everyone! Go listen to Tears of the Moosechaser. Then like them on Facebook. Then get their record. Then like them in real life. Then listen to the record over and over. Then wander into the desert blind drunk on backyard-distilled hooch with rattlesnakes in both hands until you find a place to found a town whose chief exports are woven yucca-leaf baskets and highwaymen. Yeah, it's that good."

- Jeffery Amos - 710 Split Comedy

"Bravo, What a great contribution to dark roots, gothic Americana, insurgent country, and lo-fi mechanical noise over a backdrop of organic instrumentation! You can call me an Instant fan."

- Urban Artist Group - No Depression

"The name alone is enough to spark inquiry, curiosity, and possibly a riot!"

- Kirpatrick Thomas - Spindrift

Press PDFs for Download
Moosechaser Press Kit
Moosechaser Dawning
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Official Report on Moose Affairs


Upcoming Events

Moosechaser is a bustle of activity behind the scenes.
A new album is, indeed, being woven together with the sweat of railroad tracks, wolves teeth, smoke, native feathers and potions of some mountebank.
Stay tuned to the media outlets, particularly the Soundcloud, we may just leak some live versions, rarities and new songs shortly.

Other forays out into the digital realms...
You can follow us on Twitter @theMoosechaser and on Instagram under the monicker @moosechaser.

Tony hates social media but you can find his doings at because he is so very organized.
Also, you might check out Mesquite Treason.



Changing of the Guard

It is with heavy heart that we release our blind fiddle playing virtuoso Chris Stewart back to the hills and stills of Kentucky, as though Kentucky needed another blind fiddle playing virtuoso more than our posse of Moosechasers. On a brighter note, Max Kutner will be joining us on Guitar and Lauren Baba will be taking over on Violin.



TEARS OF THE MOOSECHASER will perform CAMPFIRE JUBILEE at Bigfoot Lodge (Los Feliz), Los Angeles, CA
with resident DJ CARLOS ROSSI spinning Old Western, Country, Hobo Blues, Gypsy, Folk, Weirdo Garage, SurfPsyche, and general tunes guaranteed to warp your puny little minds!!!! HAHAHAHA!




BBQ Festival August 4th from 2pm till 8ish. We finish off the what should be a great day of Free BBQ eating at the Redhanded Artisan Shoppe 2nd Annual BBQ Old Timey Music and Variety Party. There'll be a BBQ (veggie and non-veggie), libations, a ton of other bands, and all around goodness. If you miss this you must be crazy.

200-230 Sanguichi
235-305 Tom Washington and the Blue Lightning Revue
310-340 Aaron Michael Heimann
345-415 The Odd Bits
420-450 The Jug or Nots
455-535 Sue Blue Bull
540-620 The Reverend and the Doctor
625-655 Chris Caplan
700-745 Tears of the Moosechaser

An' GRIT will be playin' between sets all day long! Don't miss a moment.


Budapest (2012)

To quench the cries of the many, KBR finally made a new YouTube video featuring railroads for that old vagabond song - "Budapest". Check it out at "MoosechaserMusic" and feel free to spread it around.


We would very much like to thank Alder Bloom at American Pancake for a beautifully written "Sinister" Review.

"There is a whole range of Americana roots music and the genre runs the gamut from authentic to hybrid, from light to dark and everything in between. Tears of the Moosechaser, to me, swim in the avante garde / gothic or Southern gothic pool although they certainly can sound traditional as well. On Songs for a Sinister Woman they almost seem to have multiple personalities. "On the Hunt Again", "A Lonesome Fog", "Dog of Sadness" and "The Fool" feel almost more goth than Americana, maybe not musically but in temperament."
Read more....


Wicked Dreams

TotM is very excited to be joining Timur and The Dime Museum And Noah and the Megafauna at El Cid for Wicked Dreams Celebration. It promises to be a night of well orchestrated music, eclectic textures and a spectacle of epic proportions.


Moosechaser at Redwood Bar

Looks to be a Wild Western Friday night at Redwood Bar!

9:00 pm - the Gospels : 9:45 pm - Cyclops : 10:30 pm - Tramp for the Lord ; 11:30 pm - Best Western ; 12:30 - Tears of the Moosechaser
X marks the Spot: 316 West 2nd St., Los Angeles, CA.


Arthur Jarvinen

Leap Day Dedication Concert at the Val Verde Concert Hall. The show will feature Lumber Party, Jamal Moore, John Niekrasz, and Eliot Eidelmans's "Saint Francis Dam Massacre Memorial" with members of Realization Orchestra.
Tears of the Moosechaser will be dedicating this show to our late influence and teacher Arthur Jarvinen.


Moosechaser at Max Steiners

Venturing out seawards to Max Steiners in Long Beach where the show is always free!
There are some pictures and videos on the facebook for those who missed out. Also, Apparently the concert was recorded in its entirety and is available on the interweb at Max Stieners youtube. 2500 E. Anaheim St. Long Beach CA 90804


moosechaser at the mint

Show at The Mint on January 7th 2012, with Jared Dickenson, Falsetto Teeth, Rundownhill and Swamplands.
An All Star Line up currated by Yours Truly.


Jawbone - Simon Rouby (2010)

Simon Rouby has assemmbled some footage from our Jawbone Canyon adventure and kindly provided It for the perusal of all at: Simon's Vimeo page.
And though the video is missing the mountain hike in which we were almost shot by a wild gang of ATV riders using a quite unfortunate pumpkin for target practice, or the two hours of locating the relocated Dung Mummy camp, It is accompanied by an early version of "We're Really All Crazy".

Moose Loosed in Aomeba for a Change

"Songs for a Sinister Woman" is now available in the rock section of Aomeba Records Los Angeles. Why? Because it rocks? Hmmm... There was no serious debate about would this end up in the rock section or the country section? The jazz section wouldn't Take us for the lack of brass though they had Bill Frisell and John Zorn. Classical looked like a good neighborhood with Henry Cowell, Iannis Xenakis, Harry Partch and Anton Webern. Country got the Townes Van Zant, Mearle Haggard, Hank williams, Waylon Jennings, Charlie Daniels, Johnny Western, Johnny Paycheck. Johnny Cash: they put him in all the sections. Merzbow somehow landed in rock with Mr. Bungle/Tomahawk, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum/Faun Fables, Captain Beefheart, Nels Cline, The Angels Of Light, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen? Leadbelly? Einst├╝rzende Neubauten? So it seemed Rock was the catch all. Genres... really?


moosechaser at mooselodge

The throngs of fate allowed for A Rare opportunity to see Tears of the Moosechaser in its entirety, full instrumentation, acoustic and all together at once, at a Moose Lodge. Gary Neil captured some footage of the night. It's posted up at our facebook page.

Loyal Order of Moose and Open Gate Present David Zink, Dana Cooper and Tears of the Moosechaser at the most appropriate of venues:
The Glendale Moose Lodge
We are hoping this can become a more regular occurance.

Friday, October 21st at 7:30 pm
Glendale Moose Lodge #641
357 West Arden Avenue
Glendale, CA 91203


jawbone music festival 5

Moosechaser @ Jawbone Canyon 5:
more info here
This one is awesome and free. We have been looking forward to this all year and you should scratch this amazing outdoor adventure in to your calender. It's a two night festival so bring a tent, see bands the previous day, hike in the morning and wait for us on Saturday or roll out with us after the Friday Mooselodge Show, Rock faces and bonfires out in the wilderness with some of the best of what the Eclectic avant garde and noise scene of california has to offer. The environment alone is worth the drive the madness out there tips the scale.

October 21st and 22nd
out by Red Rocks Mojave

Take the I-5 North To the 14th North (Northeast) 46.2 Miles Past Lancaster off Hwy 14. Turn left on Jawbone Canyon Road (just past the convenience store and at the ranger station) To map the turnoff point use this address:
28188 Jawbone Canyon Rd Cantil, Ca 92519.
Entire Trip is apx. 115 miles from LA Proper. Head down Jawbone Canyon a couple miles until you see marker (construction cone w/ hop-frog written on it, note there will be other cones out there, make sure its the right one) for the dirt road turn off. It will be on your right. In the day turn right after the blue mountains at night look for the projections on the rock. We're about a mile before the road ends. By the way, someone could steal the construction cone (it's happened) so be prepared. P.S. IT'S MUCH EASIER TO FIND IN THE DAY. The blue mountain is really obvious..its saturated in copper deposits.


Help us Plant some trees and see some great music in the process at the 5th Annual Clean Air Clear Stars Festival
Featuring: Spindrift, Tears of the Moosechaser, RT and the 44s and many more.

Pappy and Harriet's Pioneertown Palace
Thursday, June 16th at 7:30 pm
53688 Pioneertown Road
Pioneertown, CA 92268

Clean Air Clear Stars


Her Big Hard Jungle Monkey presents a night of Avant-garde music featuring
Antony DiGennaro, Plotz!, Tears of the Moosechaser, and Reverend Red at Good Hurt.

Friday, September 2nd at 7:30 pm
12249 Venice Blvd West Los Angeles, 90066

Good Hurt Flyer


Firelight - Sunset Junction Hosted by Firebug.
Featuring: Tears of the Moosechaser, Drunk on Crutches, Jaybird,The Freedom Ledges, and Firebug.
Join us at the backyard stage for a night of friends and acoustic music. BYOB.
Saturday, August 27th at 7:00 pm
3005 Del Monte Dr Los Angeles, CA 90026

Firelight Flyer


TotM performed the after show for the down home Texas drama, The Honeypot Redux at the fantastically rustic "Forgotten Ranch". With all the wood trees and horses, It was hard to believe we were still in Los Angeles. Well worth a gander if you ever get the chance.

Friday, August 19th, 2011 at 7:30 pm
The Forgotten Ranch - 4040 Verdant Street - Los Angeles, CA

honeypot redux


New show added at 3 Clubs
Marathon Live Presents, A FREE Rock and Roll Spectacular featuring:
The Golden Ghosts, with Slow Motion Rider & Tears of The Moosechaser
Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 at 9:00 pm
1123 Vine St West Hollywood, CA 90038

Wicked show and venue everybody was really a pleasure many thanks to Sasha Vallely for inviting us out and to all who showed up.



Tears of the Moosechaser's song "We're Really all Crazy" was selected as the song of the day at


Pappy and Harriet's Flyer

Pappy and Harriet's Pioneertown Palace Presents Firebug and Tears of the Moosechaser
Thursday, June 16th at 7:30 pm
53688 Pioneertown Road
Pioneertown, CA 92268

Thank you to the Pappy and Harriet's staff for treating us so well. We appreciate that you have not one but two mounted moose heads! Further more, Many thanks to Firebug for having us open up the show and a very special thanks to all who drove out to Pioneertown and the locals who took kindly to takin kindly!!

Write Up

Special thanks to Brad Tilbe for our write up at

"I suppose if Tom Waits wasn't born in California but rather underneath a moonshine still in Kentucky then you'd have Tears Of The Moosechaser. It's that sporadic, bouncy, wild man vibe that is track three, "A Lonesone Fog" off of Songs For A Sinister Woman. Like a death ring the track chimes in and the tale begins. "Sleeping medicine to pass the time, my mind a tangled string of beads rides gondolas through bleeding streams into a leaky sink". Formed in 2008, Songs For A Sinister Woman was released in August of this past year. "A Lonesome Fog" screeches and scrapes with a mix of country, avant-garde, and bluegrass to create a sound I can't say I've ever heard before. It's exciting, creepy, inquisitive and original. All the while wrapping itself around a Western filled with spurs, dust, tumble weed and whiskey.


MoosechaserMusic has joined the world of kittens and such on YouTube with a new video of old footage for the gentle classic: "We're Really all Crazy". Once again we would love for you to watch it twelve times a day share it with your friends and have your friends do the same.


Antony DiGennaro solo performance on live webcast
Wednesday, May 25th at 9:30 pm
See the archive at LA Art Stream - Ear Meal


Slumgum has just released "Quardboard Flavored Fiber", a brand new album of experimental jazz landscapes featuring Dashing Dave Tranchina. We highly reccomend going to see Slumgum live in a town near you and buying this masterpeice of avant-garde expression.

Quardboard Flavored Fiber

Theme and Variation

On April 17th at Calarts in ROD, Ulrich Krieger lead the ensemble Sonic Boom performing an epic version of Tears of the Moosechaser's "On the Hunt Again" for more than 11 minutes with extended noise and free passages. Sonic Boom done did us proud, yessir!


Letting go of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
We are breaking from exclusive Moose news because of our dolefullness at hearing that one of our great inspirations, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, will be playing their final Los Angeles concert Friday April, 8th at the Troubador. We wish to give them our heartfelt best and send them off in the way of Viking Lords. We will be there in the trenches and suggest that you do the same.


Tears of the Moosechaser at Abuelitas, Comida y tequilla for a little outlaw / south of the border action. Full band minus one. Opening set of new music by Antony, some country standards (which we rarely do) and a performance of Songs for a Sinister Woman in its sinister entirety. This one is going to be one not to miss. Come hungry and thirsty, no cover amigo.

Moosechaser at Abuelitas Mexican


For a Night of Los Angeles Country Cowboy morphed Americana Western like you have never experienced before.
Tears of the Moosechaser plays a night of Shoot Out Music
with Psycho-Spaghetti Western group Spindrift alongside Lower Heaven's rhythmic shadows.
Going down at Bordello in Downtown L.A.
9:00 pm - $7 at the door.

Moosechaser at Bordello


Thanks to James Calson for his write up on "Songs for a Sinister Woman" at
"Even though Los Angeles, California is admittedly one of my least favorite American cities, I cannot deny that it is home to a good many worthwhile bands and singer/songwriters. One of those bands is an interesting and unusual outfit I came across recently called Tears of the Moosechaser. With a sound that has been referred to as Avant-Americana and apocalyptic country, Tears of the Moosechaser do indeed weave a strange and elaborate threadwork of sound on a loom of instrumentation which ranges from mechanical to organic, and from high tech to rudimentary. Such a sound is what greets one upon listening to Tears of the Moosechaser's 2010 release, Songs for a Sinister Woman -- an intriguing and heterogeneous collection of eleven songs which pull certain resources from a variety of genres and subgenres, both old-timey and modern. Read more...


Get sweet medicare from your naughty nurse and Tears of the Moosechaser live at GOOD HURT - 7:30 pm.
Friday night awaits you.

Moosechaser at good hurt


We've played a few super secret house parties recently, shout outs to Spindrift and Swamplands for their camaraderie. There happens to be some footage on our facebook page.


Video posted of Tears of the Moosechaser performing "Lost amongst the Whales" Live at Jawbone Canyon Music Festival IV: Cold Snakes Walk Free from Fire. Special thanks to Donato Lamont for shooting that on his iPhone.

The Brilliant Mind Behind The Moosechaser Album Art

Visit Dave Quion's blog to see the the visual development for the animation to the song Cardsharps. Dave is also

Dave Quion's Cardsharps


New date added
Legion of Doom:
TotM opens for local progressive greats Falsetto Teeth and well sculpted compositions of The Chris Votek Quintet
The American Legion in Los Angeles
Friday, 19 November 2010 at 20:00

American Legion of Doom


Save the Date
TotM is performing an hour of free improvised noise and Americana at the Muddy Waters
Santa Barbara New Music Series
Thursday, 11 November 2010 at 20:00


To raise awareness about "Songs for a Sinister Woman" we intend to give away a free mp3 copy of "We're Really all Crazy". But for the treat, we need you to do one of two things.
1. Join the Tears of the Moosechaser facebook page
2. Join our Mailing List. (We won't sale your email, just keep you informed of moose movements).

Then just kick back and wait for a notification via one of those two routes on November 10th. We will call it... FREE "WE'RE REALLY ALL CRAZY DOWNLOAD" and fill the message with a secret location to retrieve your download. In the meantime tell your friends who you think might be interested.
The download will be available between our Muddy Waters Show on November 11
and the American Legion Theater show on November 19th.
You have until November 10th to get connected.


Come out to the desert with TotM, for the Jawbone Canyon Music Festival:
Camping + Music: Friday 22 through Sunday 24, October 2010.
In Jawbone Canyon which is about 2-3 hour drive North from Los Angeles.
Camp out, roast marshmallows in the fire, listen to Lots of great experimental/world/rock/noise/Americana bands, dance in the smogless night air. Good times.
Tears of the Moosechaser takes the stage Saturday, 23

Cold Snakes Walk Free from Fire


Boots covered with the dust of blue mountains
Shadows burnt into the rockface behind the stage where we played
Clothes Smell of bonfires, whiskey and cigarettes. (more than usual)
So many great bands, such a sacred place to play music. We felt very at home.
Thank you Jawbone Canyon.

New Addition to the Lineup

We are very excited to have southpaw Gabriel Deutsch (previously of Cameltones fame) joining the live line up as a Banjitarist.

Tears of the Moosechaser's Debut Album
"Songs for a Sinister Woman"
to be Released Thursday, 19 August 2010

After an extended writing and recording process, spanning two continents and more time "Songs for a Sinister Woman" is finally being released into the wild. Self produced, recorded, and funded, the album features David Tranchina on bass (Slumgum), Chris Stewart on violin and vocals (The Mother Funk Yas), James Barry on cello (Hurt Model), Daniel Corral on accordion (The Dime Museum), Ulrich Krieger on bass clarinet (Lou Reed, Text of Light) and Paul Fuller on Banjo (American Primitive).

The Eco-Friendly package includes album art By Dave Quion and 11 Songs of Sand and Whiskey will be available at live shows and shady backroom deals worked out in undisclosed locations with members of the group. For those too far away to find us in person but who want somthing physical to hold, Disks can be ordered at CD Baby for best pricing. For those who just want the music, Songs for a Sinister Woman is also available digitally through iTunes

Tears of the Moosechaser: Songs for a Sinister Woman

Onto the part about the Fiesta:

resbox steve allen

At this time those who have ears are invited you to join us at the Steve Allen Theatre to witness the live birth of TOTM and celebrate the inaugural release of this project. We will be playing the album from start to finish with some extensive sectional improvisations. As part of this special event CDs will be discounted to five dollars for the audience wise enough to witness this very first performance.
ResBox 8.19 - Thursday, 19 August 2010 at 20:00
The Steve Allen Theater @ The Center for Inquiry - 4773 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood CA 90027


Many thanks to our friends and extended family for the great turnout at our Launch Party at the Steve Allen Theater last night. Your support has turned the veritable mountain of this undertaking into a joy and we are happy to share the fruits of our labor. We would also like to extend a very special thanks to Scott Knudstrup for joining our lineup for the night and to Hans Fjellestad for having us be part of his monthly series "Resbox" for this special occasion.


KBR has edited and posted posted a video for "A Lonesome Fog" on YouTube. It features some hawks eating smaller creatures, a heart beating on its own, trains crashing into each other, spreading fires, and other general anarchy. We think you will enjoy watching it 15 times a day.

A Lonesome Fog (2010)